Welcome to the Houston / Harris County State of Health website — highlighting local public health data, statistics and trends

Nine Houston/Harris County health organizations have joined together to determine the most pertinent health indicators, and gathered and organized these measures into a format that we hope will be both interesting and informative.

The State of Health Project received a 2015 NACCHO MODEL PRACTICE AWARD. See the Events section for pictures.

The 2015-2016 edition of the State of Health contains:

• Current measures to evaluate the health in our community • Trends in key health measures describing changes in local health status and compare these measures to national goals • Resources for priority setting in preventing disease, promoting health and improving access to care • Health care information and websites for more detailed information • Key public health actions to address the identified issues • Information about access to medical care

The State of Health in Houston/Harris County Executive Summary: 2015-2016

The Executive Summary was developed by a committee representative of multiple organizations with expertise in local community health indicators. The committee identified 15 of our community’s most concerning health indicators, which are the subject of this document. Each topic area provides an overview of the topic, a description of key indicators and trends, and public health action steps. The selected health indicators fall into the following categories: • Leading Causes of Death • Social and Economic Conditions • Health Care Access • Injury • Mental Health • Chronic disease and Tobacco • Obesity • Maternal and Child Health • Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV/AIDS • Air and Water Quality